The Board has constituted a complain committee to address disputes emanating from the industry for the purpose of fairness in the gaming industry. Download the complain from, fill and sign the form then submit it to the board either physically or via email. The complaints email address is

Download the form

  1.  Walk in to the Complaints Desk. Fill the Complaints form.
  2. Call the BCLB Complaints office on 0111021400 and have your complaint registered.
  3. Write a complaints letter to the Director, Betting Control and Licensing Board, P.O. Box 43977, code 00100, Nairobi; post or drop at the office located at KCS HSE. 8TH FLOOR along Mama Ngina Street, Nairobi.
  4. Alternatively, scan and forward your complaint through website mail.
  5. Where you can’t scan, write and submit your complaint to the Board’s mail given above.
  1. Your identity e.g. Name, phone number, ID, or Passport No.
  2. Company name against which the complaint is directed
  3. Bet ID where applicable
  4. Date, time and the event the complaint refers to
  5. Item of complaint (explain your complaint clearly and simply)
  6. Attach to the letter, evidence, supporting your claim, if it’s a complaint involved with betting, provide evidence on your bet picks and the results after the game
  7. Submit two copies of your set of complaints (original to the Director, and your own copy to be stamped received)