We regulate all types of gambling in Kenya, including The Lottery.

We also license the individuals and businesses that offer gambling and provide them with advice and guidance.

Licenses and permits issued by the Board

  • Bookmakers Licenses-section 16
  • Totalisator License-section 18
  • Pool Betting Scheme License – Section 22
  • Permit Authorizing bookmaking at race meetings – Section 23
  • Public Gamming License – Section 49
  • Public Lottery Permit – Section 36
  • Prize Competition Permit – Section 59 A
  • Amusement machine / pool table permit section 58

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What we regulate

We license and regulate the individuals and businesses that provide gambling in Kenya, including the National Lottery.

How we regulate

We exist to safeguard players and the wider public by ensuring gambling is fair and safe.

Licensing objectives

We are responsible for making sure that all licensing applications meet our objectives.