Self exclusion process

Self-exclusion involves requesting one or more gambling entities to prohibit your participation in gambling activities with them for a specified period, typically ranging from 6 months to 5 years. This entails a restriction from gambling on their premises, as well as through their website or application. It is a legal requirement for gambling companies to provide the self-exclusion option.

The process of self-exclusion operates as follows:

  • Exiting the program before the exclusion period concludes is not permitted.
  • Verification of identity, including a photo and address proof, is mandatory.
  • Elimination from all marketing databases ensures no further contact.
  • Post-exclusion, automatic inclusion in marketing databases will not occur.
  • Shared information is confined to operators within the self-exclusion scheme.
  • If you visit a venue, the company and staff will make reasonable efforts to assist you, requesting your departure and informing other venues in the scheme.

To initiate the self-exclusion process, you have the option to either visit our offices in person or send an email to In your communication, kindly express your intent to self-exclude. Once we receive your notification, we will promptly initiate the necessary procedures to facilitate your self-exclusion.

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